TRUE is an independent trading company created by the union of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the Brazilian electricity sector. Our team has a highly qualified academic background, with a history of multidisciplinary and complementary experiences in the energy market.

This makes us an agile and efficient trading company, always identifying and taking advantage of the best opportunities in the energy market. Constant investment in research to become a reference in the energy industry is what we pursue. TRUE's team's high skillset allows the company to act on the process of energy price formation.

We believe that we are experiencing a knowledge and technology revolution that will turn the Brazilian energy market into a more competitive and dynamic sector.



The Trading of Electric Energy is a representative activity in the most developed economies of the world. In Brazil, more and more, the contribution given by companies of this nature is recognized in order to increase market liquidity and provide the possibility of executing different financial hedging strategies for generators and energy consumers. This fact increases the competitiveness of the national industry and contributes to the attraction of new investments that makes development in the country possible.

Being an essentially technical and multidisciplinary market, decision-making requires innumerable evaluation aspects and interrelated variables. It is in this niche of market that TRUE Comercializadora thrives.

TRUE was created in 2018 with the purpose of incessantly seeking the necessary technical excellence for good performance in the Brazilian electricity energy trading sector. The company’s primary strategy is innovation fully focused on technology to bridge efficiency to the fundamental processes that support decision-making. With this special skill set action we intend to ensure a long-term relationship with our partners.


Build a positive and innovative work environment that contributes to the development of the Brazilian electricity sector.


Founding partners with more than 10 years of experience in the electricity sector
Founding partners with previous performance in two of the largest energy desks in Brazil
High level of specialization in the process of energy price formation in the Brazilian market
Technical innovation in methods of optimization, meteorology, hydrology and rainfall-flow modeling
Audited balance sheet since the beginning of the company's performance


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TRUE is an agile and efficient trading, seeking to identify the best opportunities on the energy market.

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